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Minutes of Meeting

Dr Manu Tandon welcomed the members. It was announced that Dr Manisha Dwivedi and Dr BD Goswami have been Co-opted as members & Dr PK Sethy will be Treasurer for next term. He emphasized on adding new useful activities in forthcoming year.

Minutes of last meeting held at Kolkata was presented, action taken were discussed. It was decided not to pursue matter related to disciplinary action against members involved in unfair means during election campaigning. It was however decided that we would strongly ask future contestants & supporters of candidate not to resort to campaigning including e-mail, SMS, letters etc. It was decided that any such candidate or supporter will be debarred from election process as well as academic activity of the society for 3 years. Decision of election officer will be final in this context subject to ratification by Governing Council.

Dr Pankaj Dhawan circulated a draft regarding Endoscopy center accreditation by SGEI. It was decided that we will have 2 levels: Basic Endoscopy center and Advanced Endoscopy center (ERCP & EUS). A fee of Rs: 75000/- and Rs: 1,50,000/- will be charged for these respectively. This money will be used for travel & stay of SGEI inspector and other logistics. An extra/ follow-up visit will be included if required without additional fee. Dr Pankaj Dhawan will prepare a questionnaire, which will have essential & desirable criteria. We plan to finalise these in next 3 months & formally start it at next ISGCON meeting at Jaipur.

It was decided to discontinue SISCO-PENTAX ORATION & start a new oration with the help of a company. A minimum amount of Rs: 5 lakhs will be collected for next 5 years. It was also decided to have a sponsorship for Vakil Oration without their name in the name of oration. Communication will be sent to various companies about these as well as on our website & decision will be taken in next 2 months. Dr Naresh Bhat will be delivering next oration at Jaipur meeting.

Issues related EUS working grow was discussed. Resignation of Dr Vinay Dhir was accepted. It was unanimously decided to have Dr Malay Sharma as a new convener with Dr Sandeep Lakhtakia and Dr Vipulroy Rathor as Co-conveners. A small fund will be generated and used for logistics. It was suggested to have a few prospective studies related to EUS be carried out (without FNAC because that may need lot of fund)

(a) Task force for ERCP complications will be started with Dr Naresh Bhat and Dr GN Ramesh as convenors. They would workout the strategies for the task force & a company will be requested to help the logistics.

(b) Next mid-term meeting was discussed. Indore (Dr Sunil Jain) was fixed as the venue with dates of 22nd & 23rd December. It was decided that the amount to be given to SGEI will be Rs: 50,000/- & will be collected before allotting the meeting officially.

It was also decided that society will encourage regional meetings with SGEI endorsement at a fee of Rs: 30,000/- , if minimum standand are maintained and an SGEI members suggested by Governing Council is included in the faculty.

( c ) Dr PK Sethy was given the responsibility of preparing the patient education material (in the pattern of ASGE) and this will be put on society website.

(d) A scientific committee was formed to help in making our scientific committee & names included were MK Goenka (Secretary), Manu Tandan (President), DN Reddy, R Sud, R Kochhar, Amit Maydeo.

There has been some delay in Journal publication possibly due to Dr SA Zargar being justifiably engaged in his assignment as Director of his institute. It was proposed to have 3 Associate editors and names of Dr Vikram Bhatia, Dr Ashish Jha and Dr Siva Prasad was proposed to help Dr Zargar.

Dr Goenka requested all Governing Council members to help update the membership directory.

It was decided to have SGEI stall selling SGEI T-shirts, pins & pens during conference & workshops. It was also decided that members should be encouraged to used SGEI emblem on their visiting cards & to start with all Governing Council members would do so.

Issue of EUS coming under PND act was discussed & it was felt that SGEI governing Council does not think this is required as it is almost impossible to misuse EUS for the sex determination.

The meeting ended with vote of thanks by the President.

The meeting was attended by

Manu Tandan Vipulroy Rathod
Mahesh K Goenka GV Rao
Naresh Bhat PK Sethy
P Muralikrishna P Dhawan
Malay Sharma GN Ramesh

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